Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Belated Birthday

The past couple of months haven't felt very inspired. I hadn't sewn anything between when my Dad fell and when I whipped up Sarah's Cat in the Hat costume the beginning of March. Working on that sort of got me in the mood again though, for which I'm thankful. Especially since I was overdue with a birthday gift for a good friend that always gets something handmade. I finally got around to finishing this tote bag this past week, which was a good thing, as we were meeting for a belated (very) birthday lunch on Friday.

This bag is based on the Odekake Tote bags that I made a slew of to give as Christmas gifts. The pattern and instructions are from the Fall 2009 issue of Stitch Magazine. I used the measurements for the bag and applied the same principles to assembling it, but embellished it with some happy buntings blowing the wind. It's a great way to use up some of those itty bitty scraps that I once thought were meant for the trash can, but now can't imagine tossing.

I might be wrong, but I think there might be more of these bags in my future...........

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

My girls seemed to be under the misguided idea that a little leprechaun was going to pay them a visit and leave treats, treasures and what have you for them today. Between all the other magical visitors that we have, I honestly could not let another squeeze in under the door, but I did whip them up some special shirts to wear to school today. Just a simple four leaf clover shape attached with Ultra Heat'n Bond. Yes, not enough time to even stitch over it, but I had other fish to fry (so to speak) last night as well. In the end, they were happy and I'm ignoring the fact that the price of the plain green t-shirt was the same as the ones made for St. Patrick's Day. At least theirs were original and momma-made.

Tomorrow I'll show you that other proverbial fish.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Celebration

For once, our morning did not revolve around clean blue jeans. With their input earlier in the week, I got to assemble their outfits/costumes for today, in celebration of Dr. Seuss' 107 th. birthday.

The past two years I've had it easy, I've suggested that Rachel be a "Who", she's gone for it, we've pulled out full skirts, striped tights, fun hair and called it a day. This year, when I suggested that Sarah also be a "Who", I was shot down. She wanted to be the Cat in the Hat.

...but of course - why would we want to use existing items we have at home that can be put together the morning of, when we could have momma whip up an entire costume for us. Of course that's what I did, because it's her first year to dress up for the celebration and tomorrow is her own special day. Despite the costume taking most of last evening to make, it still came together rather quickly and easily. If I had actually employed math in figuring out the hat, it might have come together even more easily, but math and I try to avoid each other. Her top half is just a black t-shirt that I was happy to find on sale for half off at Hobby Lobby this week, setting me back a whole $1.50. I just cut an oval of white felt and stitched it to the belly, then used sharpie around the edges to blend the two together. The ears on the hat, I regret. They will be coming off this afternoon. The hat is also large enough that it fits me as well (oops), so maybe it will get some use again some time.....but probably not. I will add that the entire costume (with the exception of the black leggings) was off by 10:30, meaning more time was spent making it than was spent wearing it. She said it was the tail that made it hard to sit in a chair ( it was attached to the bottom of the shirt and secured up over her right shoulder).

At least Rachel went easy on me with yet another incarnation of Cindy Lou Who. Putting her hair up like this, which she never lets me do, makes me really want to cut it short so that I can see that sweet face that's always hiding in hair. And to be honest, given the chance, this is how I'd dress her every day. She'll be having none of that though because rest assured she packed blue jeans in her backpack "just in case".

I also wanted to add an update on my Dad. He's doing much better. His strength in his right side has returned, his ability to find the words he's looking for is greatly improved and at first encounter he seems "normal". He is still having memory issues though and often says or does things that just aren't typical for him. He's also a tidge cranky (ok, maybe more than a tidge) and seems to be lacking some sensitivity (in his personality, not in sensation). This makes it hard for my Mom, who's not quite sure what the final outcome will be, but all in all, things are looking much better.