Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Wow, how's that for an extended absence? I am embarrassed to even look and see how long it's been. This was not my favorite spring - there was too much bad news going around, I think I got a good look at the straw that broke the camel's back and I lost all desire to sew or craft or do anything creative for a while. I was even concerned that I wouldn't get my mojo back in time to create a quilt to welcome a special little boy with, but thankfully summer has arrived, I'm back at my sewing machine and the quilt is done with a whole week to spare.

This quilt was totally designed based on this quilt, which I stumbled upon when looking for ideas for a baby quilt that differed from what I've been doing. I loved the bold colors and just how colorful it was. I did improvise on the backing though, which I was happy with. I am not one to measure (or plan.....need to get better at that!!), so this came out a bit larger than I would have made it otherwise. It's about 52" square. Why 52"? Because that's how big it was when I finished. It went together really quickly though and even quilted up easily and lickety split. My kind of quilt!

I did manage a few more creative things - all in the not to distant past, so I will share them soon.'s mulberry season around here again, so there's lots of berry picking and baking to be done. The baking part is running in direct opposition to my efforts to take some pounds off though, so for the moment most of the berries are headed to the freezer and will turn into jam some time soon.