Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing Up

Somebody went for their first hair cut today. She has been asking for one for ...oh, about a year now, but her Momma couldn't bring herself to let it happen. Finally, the curls had become such a tangled mess that I knew the time had come. So today was the day and boy have we been excited about it!

The initial cuts went well and she even asked for it to be shorter (to match her best friend at preschool).

All her golden locks fell to the floor. Bye bye baby hair, she's got a full head of big girl hair now! Rest assured, there is a perfect little curl in an envelop in my purse right now.

She opted to have it blow dried a bit straighter on top, but wanted curly ends. So now the mystery is....what will it really look like when it dries on its own? Do curls really disappear when you cut hair? Will the curls get curlier now that her hair is shorter and lighter? Who knows....I guess we'll have to stay tuned. For now though, we are all loving sweet Sarah and her adorable new do that seemed to put an extra spring in her step and maybe even (heaven help me) a bit more spunk into her.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Girl

Of all my treasured possessions, this one ranks right up at the top. My girls. My babies. This photo is now five years old, as is the sweet 9 lb. bundle in the photo.

Her hair was brown and straight when she was born - not so any more. Her blue eyes stayed, as did her sweet face. We had her party today. Last year's celebration was low key as we were in the middle of kitchen construction, so this is really her first party to be excited about - and excited she was. She has been preparing and planning all week and just to break our hearts, last night she told her daddy, "Tomorrow friends are coming and they will play with ME!". (Yes, I harbor guilt over her having second child syndrome). And play they did. Lots of squealing, lots of running around, lots of fun. Thanks to the friends who helped celebrate with us!

And the final installment in birthday cakes - Sarah's horse cake. I looked at hundreds of pictures of "horse cakes" and saw so many incredible cakes with edible horses modeled out of all sorts of things, but in the end I did as I knew I would do and used toy horses. So much faster and easier. This cake came together pretty quickly and easily, for which I was thankful. I used the Wilton buttercream icing recipe (this is so bad for you!) on a chocolate cake to which I added a pack of chocolate pudding mix and an extra egg. The cake was moist and good and the icing was a hit with the kids.

Now, back to the sewing....and I'll take a pie for my birthday!

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